Bridge Construction

Role: Artist, Modeler, Animator
Tools: 3D Studio Max, Photoshop

The Bridge Construction courseware was designed to teach U.S. soldiers how to set up bridges during emergency situations (such as bridge outages from storms, flooding or other such natural disasters) and under fire from enemy combatants (soldiers who need to reach an enemy across a gully or river). The courseware was built to be imported into Unity for soldiers to build virtual bridges before going into the field. Soldiers are able to assemble bridges and inspect premade bridges, to ensure that all pieces are fitted properly using the right materials. I worked this project while under the employ of C2 Technologies.

I served as the sole 3D modeler for this project. I built the environments which the soldier would interact in, as well as the eight different types of bridges. I built each bridge to real-world specifications put forth by the writer. I consulted technical manuals for proper dimensions and fittings. I created the bridges using 3D Studio Max before exporting them to Unity for the programmer to implement. Unfortunately I am not able to show the active course, due to client restrictions.