Middle Eastern Street

Role: Artist, Modeler, Animator
Tools: 3D Studio Max, Photoshop

This is a model of a town/village that I created in 3D Studio Max. It was created for the Law of Armed Conflict (LOAC) project at C2 Technologies. The LOAC courseware was designed to teach soldiers who are deployed how to deal with complaints from locals and claims that may be filed against U.S. soldier and the military. The user is able to walk the streets and encounter locals who will ask them questions or request aid for one thing or another.

I served as the primary environment artist for the LOAC project. This town was designed to reflect a smaller, poor area that is under U.S. occupation. I created buildings arrayed in a format given to me by the course's writer. Then I created texture maps for the myriad of objects within the environment using Photoshop. The scene was finally exported out as an FBX for Unity. The LOAC courseware was designed to run in the Unity web player. Due to the tablet and phone requirement, the environments, characters and other models were designed with a low polygon count in mind and smaller map sizes for faster loading. Unfortunately I am not able to show the active course, due to client restrictions.