Judge Advocate General

Role: Designer, Artist, Modeler, Animator
Tools: 3D Studio Max, Unity, Photoshop, Audition

I worked on the Judge Advocate General (JAG) project at C2 Technologies. It consisted of three different pieces of courseware and I had numerous roles in each (3D environment modeler, texture artist, 3D animator, UI designer, and many more). The project incorporated many of the same elements across all three courses. Its main goal is to allow the user to navigate an interactive, immersive world to which teaching points will be executed and later tested on. It was created to run on desktop and mobile devices.

In this particular example, you can see some of the environments that I have modeled with animations applied to characters for a more life-like experience. I created the GUI with Photoshop; it was then overlayed onto Unity for interaction within the game. Unfortunately I am not able to show the active course, due to client restrictions.