Community Care Rx

Role: Designer, Artist, Illustrator, Animator
Tools: Flash, Illustrator, Photoshop, HTML, CSS, JavaScript, SoundBooth

Community Care Rx (CCRX) was a piece of courseware that I created while at Computer Sciences Corporation (CSC). CCRX was created to teach call centers how to properly handle customers calling about Medicare. It informed the customer service representatives (CSRs) about the care provided by Medicare, the different types of customers, who and what they were eligible for, how to deal with and speak to customers, and other areas where customers might have questions. The CSRs were periodically tested on the information discussed.

I was the sole artist for the project and came up with many of the designs you see implemented. I worked closely with the writer for the project to produce, what we felt like, a fun and engaging piece of software. Unfortunately I am not able to show the active course, due to client restrictions.